Waiter Cover Letter

I am submitting my resume and cover letter for the position of a waiter. I am confident of my potential to be an asset to your restaurant due to my extensive experience, communication skills, and adherence to high quality service, all of which are the outcome of the many years I have spent in the catering and fine dining fields.

I am proficient in multitasking and managing fast-paced, hectic schedules, as well as personally seeing to the needs of both new and loyal customers. I am very passionate about my line of work and look forward to interacting with different kinds of people every single day. In line with this, I am at ease with interacting with all kinds of individuals- be it customers, vendors, wholesalers, suppliers, kitchen staff, and higher management.

An ability to diffuse tense situations is another handy asset I possess, as is my knack of resolving customer complaints to their satisfaction on a consistent basis.

I make it a point to apply myself to the many aspects of serving, and also have comprehensive know-how when it comes to silver service and bar work. I am efficient and organized while taking orders and go out of my way to make sure all diners are comfortable and content with the service. Moreover, I am flexible and have been part of back-end service teams, as well as worked front of house.

I have attached my resume herewith for your consideration. I have also included recommendation letters and references from my previous jobs. I would be more than happy to provide any additional information as required by you and your team, and I look forward to meeting with you as per your convenience to discuss my eligibility for the server position in your restaurant..